Chondroitin Sulfate Ex Shark

Product Name: Chondroitin Sulfate ex Shark
CAS No.: 9082-07-9
Molecular Formula: (C14H19NO14SNa2)n
Molecular Weight: 499.38

Product Details

Product Name: Chondroitin Sulfate ex Shark

CAS No.: 9082-07-9

Molecular Formula: (C14H19NO14SNa2)n

Molecular Weight: 499.38

Appearance: White Powder

Chondroitin sulfate is a kind of acid mucopolysaccharide extracted from healthy domestic animal cartilage or shark cartilage. It is mainly composed of chondroitin sulfate A, C and other types of chondroitin sulfate. It widely exists in animal’s cartilage, hyoid bone and nasal throat, and also in bone tendon, ligament, skin, cornea and other tissues. The main existence of Chondroitin sulfate is sodium chondroitin sulfate.

According some study results, there are few adverse affects from taking chondroitin, and it is safe to take in conjunction with pain relievers and other arthritis prescription drugs. Instances of mild stomach irritation have been reported in some cases. People hoping for joint relief should be patient once they start a regimen; results can take up to two months to be noticeable.

Main Functions:

► Improves joint function

► Keeps cartilage healthy

► Reduces swelling around joints

► Block the enzymes that degrade cartilage

► Relives joint stiffness

► For cardiovascular health care

► Sport nutrition supplement

We also provide Chondroitin Sulfate as below:

• Extracted from Bovine Cartilage

• Extracted from Porcine Cartilage

• Extracted from Chicken Cartilage

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