Analytical peptone is mainly used in what areas?
- Nov 20, 2017 -

1. Tissue Culture: It is also a kind of culture medium. However, unlike normal microbial culture media, tissue culture is divided into animal and plant culture, and domestication of some plant species is also included because in tissue culture With some induction techniques, this requires that the medium itself must be of high purity, with no effect on the result, so the medium must be of analytical grade and above purity grade.

2. Species domestication: The culture medium is also slightly different from that of the common microbial culture medium. The domestication process adapting the environment to individual species mainly in harsh environment generally needs to step by step and gradually step up to the harsh environment until Infinite close to this period also need to consider other factors can not affect the breeding of bacteria, which also requires the medium without any interference, peptone also requires more than analytical grade.

3. Bacterial culture and inoculation, some fermentation industry to use the culture of bacteria, culture environment requires high purity in the process of inoculation, generally also need to dilute the diluent, the diluent is generally medium Add water to use the formula, the diluent also requires a higher purity.