Peptone molecular formula
- Nov 20, 2017 -

In fact, peptone is a substance of the general address, just like wood, stone, air, the composition is more complicated, which is not just a component, many of which are a combination of multiple components. Peptone produced by different raw materials is also different, peptone is actually the protein decomposition products, such as beef, casein, milk powder, gelatin, soy protein, silk fibroin, fibrin and other raw materials, obtained by the incomplete hydrolysis process Of the product. Commercial products to light yellow to brown powder-based. Its molecular weight between 䏡 and peptide, about 2000 or so. Different sources of protein and different hydrolysis conditions, the composition of the hydrolyzate can vary widely. So peptone is often a complex mixture of peptides.

If you have to identify the molecular formula of peptone, it can only be described in terms of the formula of  and peptide, and  and peptide are not the sole name of a compound, the peptide is divided into single-peptide and so on, so it is difficult A standard formula is given, as long as the amino acid molecule between the acenaphthene and the peptide belongs to peptone. It is like carbohydrates are a general term for a class of organic matter, monosaccharides, polysaccharides, starch are carbohydrates, the formula can not be given a uniform standard answer.