What type of peptone?
- Nov 20, 2017 -

According to the general classification of raw materials: animal peptone, plant peptone, bio-peptone, etc. three categories.

In accordance with the detailed classification of raw materials is more refined: which can be divided into soy peptone, beef peptone, bovine peptone, fish peptone, pig peptone, etc., any one of the raw materials can become a peptone classification.

Categorized by Uses: Includes pharmaceutical grade peptone, food grade peptone, feed grade peptone, technical grade peptone, etc., as broadly classified by purpose.

In accordance with the purpose of refining classification: buffer glucose peptone, a bacterial culture peptone, peptone special food, foliar fertilizer peptone, paint peptone and plating peptone, etc., according to this classification, peptone can be divided into less than 100 species.

According to the molecular size: can be divided into high-polypeptone, peptide amino acid peptone and ordinary peptone and so on.

In accordance with the enzymatic hydrolysis and other production processes: can be divided into casein peptone, tryptone and so on.

No matter what kind of classification methods are based on the peptone management and easy to use, in fact some of the classification is cross-cutting, such as beef peptone if the production of high-purity high-quality peptone can be used for laboratory culture peptone peptone, if the quality is low May produce low-grade industrial-grade peptone.