Health Benefits Of Vitamin K2(mk-7)
- Jun 14, 2018 -

Supports Cardiovascular health

Vitamin K makes arteries more Clean and ffexible K vitamins were recognized as needed for normal bllod clotting.Vitamin K2 is beneficial for cardiovascular health and prevents the buildup of calcium in arteries.Vitamin K is an essential cofactor in the activation of certain proteins,such as MGP.thers proteins depend on vitamin K and bind calcium to prevent calcium deposits in arteries and coagulate blood.


Supports Kindney health

The kidneys produce a K2-dependant protein that inhibits the formation of calcium crystals, thereby preventing kidney stone.

Supports Liver health

Vitamin K2 can activate the liver stem cells to  promote regeneration of liver by up-regulation of matrilin 2.

Vitamin  K2 can reduce the risk of developing liver cancer by 90% in hepatitis patients and prevent liver cancer recurrence after surgery.


Fights Parkinson disease

According to the SCIENCE(2012),Vitamin K2 plays a role in the energy production of defective mitochondria.Because defective mitochondria are also found in Parkinson’s patients with a PINK1 or Parkin mutation,vitamin K2 potentially offers hope for a new treatment for Parkinson’s patients.



  • Protects against complications from diabetes

  • Improves ability to combat muscle spasms

  • Helps with children’s growing pains