Let Peptone Manufacturers Tell You What Peptone Has
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Peptone from the surface to observe is a light yellow powder products, so in peacetime storage must pay attention to moisture, sealed, so as not to affect our use, so as to achieve a high-performance effect.

From the smell up to conclude that it is a meaty taste, as the main raw material for microbial culture medium, in the word as long as there is a video processing industry is widely used in the future development of new products in constant quality The increase, so his dosage will be further increased.

Collagen peptone is mainly extracted from plants and some animals, including animal protein proteins (casein, meat) and plant proteins (beans) two. So for some food production and some raw materials to provide more convenient.

His role in food research is also very large, different organisms require specific amino acids and peptides, it is derived from the high-protein products, collagen peptone manufacturers will undergo continuous research to further increase our production Ability, so in the continuous study of his performance will continue to improve.