Peptone Manufacturers How To Detect Peptone Ingredients?
- Nov 20, 2017 -

1, when we test the composition should be used to check the special testing tools, the electrophoresis tank installation, we use the glass into the plastic bag, vertically fixed in the electrophoresis tank, and then the glass on both sides of the correct seal, Peripheral agar with 1.5 percent seal, do a good job of this props, we began a formal test.

2, the sample is debugged into a certain concentration of reagents, various standard peptone and the sample were dissolved in a concentration of 2mg / ml peptone treatment solution, and then in the appropriate heat treatment, the general is heated in the pulmonary edema for 3 minutes After cooling down, observe some of its changes.

3, peptone manufacturers in order to achieve certain results should pay attention to the situation between the glass must be sealed, be sure to pay attention to avoid bubbles between the glass, added to the edge of a short glass from the top three centimeters.