Peptone Production Of The Key Factors
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Peptone is an organic compound. Peptone The meat, casein or gelatin hydrolyzed acid or dried from a light yellow powder, with a special flavor of meaty. Proteins and acids, bases or proteases can also form peptones. An initial digestive product in the stomach is also peptone. Peptone is rich in organic compounds, but also contains some vitamins and carbohydrates.

Peptone can be used as the main raw material for microbial culture medium. The quantities of antibiotics, fermentation industry, pharmaceutical industry, biochemical products and microbiology research are very large and can be used to treat digestive diseases. Different organisms require specific Amino acids and polypeptides, due to the presence of various peptones, are generally produced by peptone containing animal proteins (casein, meat) and vegetable proteins (soy). Microbial carbon sources, nitrogen sources, growth factors and other nutrients. Therefore, the production of peptone is not easy to grasp the key factors will be successful.