Substance Of Peptone
- Nov 20, 2017 -

Materials generated from peptone, such as beef, milk powder, casein, gelatin, soy protein, silk fibroin, fibrin and other raw materials, products obtained through incomplete hydrolysis and yellow to tan powder-based commercial products. Among them, the molecular weight of the peptide is about 2000 or so. Different sources of protein and hydrolysis under different conditions, the hydrolyzate composition is very different. Therefore, peptone is often a complex mixture of peptides. Soluble in water, overheating, freezing, and does not occur in saturated ammonium sulfate precipitation, but precipitated protein precipitation. Can be used as microbial and animal cell culture medium, special functional food and cosmetics raw material products, such as the use of beer stabilizer. Therefore, the formation of peptone substance has great usefulness.