What Are Some Of The Concerns People Have About Peptones?
- Nov 20, 2017 -

As peptone is widely used in our daily life, many of my friends are concerned about biotech cutting-edge products such as peptone. There is a reason for everyone's concern. Peptone is not derived from animals and plants. Animal plants accumulate these proteins for a long period of growth. Some external factors may cause protein fluctuations. In the extraction and processing of these proteins, the system is Open, may cause nutritional damage, especially some peptone of animal origin, the environmental temperature changes will have a significant impact, without treatment, smell unpleasant. Unstable peptone, will directly affect the stability of fermentation. Another more worrying issue is safety. Animal peptone may have pathogenicity, allergy problems and customs taboo, especially the higher level of product fermentation, need special attention. Botanical peptone mainly exists in the field of genetically-modified organisms. At present, only Heilongjiang is the last pure land for non-GMO soybeans in China. Seventy percent of Brazil's is genetically modified soybeans. Transgenic plant proteins have become pervasive.