Calcium Iron Zinc Chewable Tablet

Calcium Iron Zinc Chewable Tablet

1.Promote the development of bones and teeth 2.Prevention of anemia 3.Increase appetite, brain puzzle

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Product nameCalcium Iron Zinc chewable tablet
Size1200mg Triangle
FormulaCalcium: 113.76mg, Iron: 1.67mg, Zinc: 1.62mg
EfficacySupplement Ca, Fe, Zn
Mainly ingredientsCalcium carbonate, Zinc gluconate, Ferrous gluconate
Dosage daily2 pcs each time, 2 times daily

Calcium, iron and zinc are essential elements of the human body and are extremely important for children's growth and development and intellectual development.

The lack of calcium, iron and zinc trace elements in children can cause a variety of diseases. Calcium deficiency can cause rickets and teething delay, teeth loose, chicken breasts, short body, "X" shaped legs, deformity and other symptoms of rickets in children. Iron deficiency reduces the activity of cytochrome and ferritase, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply, oxygen reduction and energy metabolism disorder, and decreased immune function; leading to anemia. Zinc deficiency is characterized by growth retardation, mental decline, listlessness, anorexia, etc., and severe zinc deficiency dwarfs.


1.Promote the development of bones and teeth

2.Prevention of anemia

3.Increase appetite, brain puzzle

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