Chitosan Oysters Tablet

Chitosan Oysters Tablet

The main ingredient of oyster tablets is oysters, also known as oysters. Raw oysters are traditional tonics. The main ingredient glycogen can quickly replenish and restore physical strength, and can improve the body's immunity. Company Information: Shandong Samehealth Pharma Co.,Ltd is a...

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Product nameChitosan & Oysters tablet
PriceUS $0.01-$1/ Piece 
FormulaProtein: 20%
EfficacyEnhance immunity
Mainly ingredientsChitosan, oyster meat extract
Dosage daily2 pcs each time, 2 times daily
Typehealthy food
Place of OriginShandong, China (Mainland)


The main ingredient of oyster tablets is oysters, also known as oysters. Raw oysters are traditional tonics. The main ingredient glycogen can quickly replenish and restore physical strength, and can improve the body's immunity.

Strong liver detoxification

The liver glycogen of oysters exists in the liver and muscles that store energy, and has a deep relationship with cell division, regeneration, and activation of red blood cells, which can improve liver function, restore fatigue, and enhance physical strength. The taurine contained in the oyster can promote bile secretion, eliminate the neutral fat accumulated in the liver, and improve the detoxification of the liver.

Improve sexual function

The oyster body contains a large amount of arginine, which is indispensable for the production of sperm, and a trace element, lead. Arginine is the main component in the production of sperm, and lead is a hormone that promotes secretion. Eating oysters can improve sexual function. Male sexual illnesses such as decreased sexual function, impotence, enlarged prostate, and sexual organ dysplasia are caused by insufficient lead in many cases.

Purify congestion

Oyster's taurine has a good preventive effect on arteriosclerosis caused by congestion, and consequent angina, myocardial infarction, and cerebral infarction.

Recovery fatigue

The amino acids contained in oysters can improve the function of the liver, inhibit the accumulation of lactic acid, and help accelerate the recovery of fatigue and physical strength. In addition, taurine and hepatic glycogen in oysters can not only help the recovery of physical fatigue but also the recovery of mental fatigue. The improvement of endogenous depression and the role of visual recovery have also been recognized.

Nourish and nourish

Because oysters contain iron and copper, the treatment of iron deficiency anemia that is unique to women is the most effective. In addition, oysters contain a large amount of sub-lead that is lacking in most people. Therefore, eating oysters can prevent dry skin, promote skin metabolism, decompose subcutaneous melanin, and produce delicate skin with white and red. Because it can promote the formation and secretion of hormones, it also has a good effect on physiological disorders, infertility, and menopausal disorders.

Improve immunity

Oyster is called 'milk in the sea' and is rich in very good protein, liver glycogen, vitamins and minerals. It contains more than 18 kinds of amino acids. These amino acids are rich in glutathione which can synthesize acid-resistant substances. Amino acids (glutamines, sugar gums). After eating oysters, glutathione is synthesized in the human body to remove active acid from the body, improve immunity, and inhibit aging.

Promote the metabolism of amino acids, lead and other minerals and vitamins contained in the metabolic oysters, which will improve the circulation of blood. The female enemy, cold blood and low blood pressure will also be improved.

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