Fish Oil Softgel

Fish Oil Softgel

1.Regulating blood lipids and lowering cholesterol 2.Cleaning blood vessels to relieve thrombosis 3.Improve memory

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NameHigh quality  Fish Oil softgel oem odm softgel capsule
Product name Fish Oil softgel
Size1000mg OB
EfficacyAuxiliary lower blood lipid
Mainly ingredients Fish Oil vitamin E
Dosage daily1 pc each time, 2 times daily


1.Regulating blood lipids and lowering cholesterol

2.Cleaning blood vessels to relieve thrombosis

3.Improve memory

EPA can open blood vessels: help keep blood vessels clear, prevent blood clots, prevent stroke or myocardial infarction; remove accumulated fat in the blood, prevent arteriosclerosis and prevent peripheral blood vessel obstruction.

DHA can be brain-enhanced: fish oil is an indispensable material basis for the formation, development and operation of brain cells. It can promote and coordinate the conduction of nerve circuits to maintain the normal operation of brain cells. Appropriate supplementation of DHA with over-exposed students and office workers can enhance memory, focus and improve comprehension, while older people supplement DHA can help active thinking and prevent Alzheimer's disease.

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