Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate Capsule

Glucosamine Chondroitin Sulfate Capsule

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Product Details

Product nameGlucosamine & Chondroitin sulfate & Calcium capsule
FormulaCalcium: 15.6%, Chondroitin sulfate: 12.2%
EfficacyIncrease bone density
Mainly ingredientsCalcium, Glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate
Dosage daily3 pcs each time, 2 times daily



           1.Increase bone density

           2.Promotes cartilage regeneration

           3.Repair damaged articular cartilage

           4.Supplementary synovial fluid

The relationship between amino sugar and bones and joints

Glucosamine is a natural amino monosaccharide. It lacks amino sugar in the body, leading to metabolic abnormalities in the cells. The cartilage elasticity is reduced, which directly leads to the loss of the source of synovial fluid, which causes the hard friction between the bone and the bone to increase, causing pain and damage. Articular cartilage cannot be repaired.

Relationship between chondroitin sulfate and bone

As a connective tissue, chondroitin sulfate can bind water molecules to lubricate and support joints, promote bone cell proliferation, promote bone calcium deposition, and induce new bone formation. Induces new bone formation, protects cartilage, resists inflammation, lowers blood fat and other biological activities.

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Shandong Samehealth Pharma Co.,Ltd is a sub-company of Shandong Focuschem Biotech Co.,Ltd in Cina.We are dedicated in making specialized Nutrition Products and Natural Personal Care products for global customers.We have our own personal cere prodcts under brands of I Magic Feel and Royal Refine. And we provide compolete OEM ODM services for Nutrition Products and Personal Care Products .You can get professional formulation supports,various dosages,customized packaging and prompt reactions from un.With sturict quality control system and careful attitude,we help you to take a complete control of your products quality.Our laboratory and R&Dwill support you with up-front tefchnology and continuous inspiration in new products development.With our passion and love to human health and beauty,we will bring you a live products line and help you have more confidence and advantages of marketing your products.

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A: Two ways, either by free samples, or send us the detailed specifications, we will arrange the production as per your requirement.

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